Monday, June 15, 2009

History of My Careeer Part 1

I am an ordinary woman but with extraordinary thinking....I look into things with different perspectives and beyond it's meaning. That's why if you will study my career history you will be amaze!:> When I was still a kid, my future plan for my profession was to be a Stewardess or what we so-called Flight Attendant. Since I did not grew up well with my expected height:<(maybe because my mother is small 4'11"), my height is just 5'2"(height of an average Filipina) I had changed my mind to become a doctor instead. I thought becoming a doctor was the realization of becoming rich in the Philippines....he he! But, I was wrong, not all Doctors of Human Medicine are successful in their chosen careers. Right moved for me because I had an early discovery that in order for doctors to become should also be rich and your family should be powerful in order to attract richy rich patients....poor me:< my family is not rich and can't afford to let me study medicine. Anyway, these anticipation has made me more open to another course. The lucky degree was Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy. This was meant for me...that was I thought. After passing the entrance examination in a state university "Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila(PLM), I was ready to pursue my chosen course. This 5-year course was very stressing and very challenging but was able to finished the studies and passed the PRC licensure examination.

to be continued....

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